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60-Day Treatment

Pest control programs in st. louis

Our Exterminators Offer Comprehensive Bi-monthly Pest Control

Whenever you have a property that is generally low in traffic throughout all or parts of the building, you run the risk of pests taking over. This often occurs because critters are constantly on the hunt for new homes where they won’t be disturbed. This is why we at T.Ex.S. Total Extermination Services offer our premium 60-day pest control services for all of these high-risk establishments.
Warehouses and large office buildings are frequently classified as a high-risk establishment due to their large spaces that need constant attention in order to keep the constant bombarding of pests away. Some common pest problems for large buildings in this area include high brown recluse and mice populations. If you find yourself facing the same issue time after time, our 60-day pest control treatment plan will be ideal to keep those pesky, potentially dangerous critters at bay. After 12 months of consistent treatment, we meet with you to evaluate and discuss other options, such as our quarterly business accounts.

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