First, we identify what you, the customer, have issues with over the phone or in person. We take key steps to find the exact problem, and once the issue has been discovered, we implement a program to rid your home of unwanted pests.

These services consist of an interior and exterior treatment targeting the specific pest. A standard program is then set for a treatment every 60 days to manage the pests. All services are fully guaranteed, and there is no cost for callbacks within reason. We offer 30- and 60-day programs.

*Some exceptions may apply.


Ants are common throughout the world and are the most prevalent pest to interact with people. Ants build nests in soil and open lawns, under stones and boards, in walls, and other areas near people. There are more than 450 species of ants; however, fewer than 50 have been known to invade homes and only around 10 different species commonly invade Missouri homes.

If you have ants, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will take care of your problem. The species of ant will determine what method we will use. We treat all species especially:

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Beetles, not The Beatles, can be a pest. They are found in most major habitats, excluding marine and polar regions, and there are more than a quarter million different species. In North America alone, scientists have identified more than 25,000 different beetle species. In the adult stage, a beetle can be identified by the appearance of the wings. Some common Missouri species are:

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More than 300 different spiders find their home in Missouri. The majority of these do not pose a serious threat to human health, although there are a few that do, such as the brown recluse and the black widow spider. Most other spiders are pests that cause an annoyance. The fear people usually have of spiders tends to come from a thought that they are aggressive and seek to bite. Spiders do not attack and bite people unless they are provoked or feel threatened in some way.

When bites happen, the person is mostly ignorant of its occurrence. Serious injuries or deaths from these bites are extremely rare, but if the bite comes from the black widow or brown recluse spider it could be a very serious problem. The reactions from these spider bites can range from a mild to severe reaction, all depending on the person and the amount of venom that was injected.

Some of the spiders you can find in Missouri are:

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Cockroaches are flat and quick-moving insects that are mostly active at night. They usually hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Cockroaches consume a wide variety of foods including garbage, stored food, feces, grease, food scraps, hair, paper and dead animal or plant material. Cockroaches can reproduce very rapidly; a female places 18-30 eggs within a covering or egg case called an ootheca. A single female can produce four to 20 oothecae during her lifetime. Cockroaches or their ootheca can be the source of a new infestation, and both are transported very easily in grocery bags, boxes and other containers like these. There are five types of cockroaches can often be found in Missouri homes.

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