Commercial Services

Commercial accounts are discounted when multiple locations are involved. Rental units and multiple homes are discounted as well.

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30-Day Treatment Services available as needed

This program offers the best service possible, occurring every 30 days and fully guaranteed. Mostly commercial kitchens, restaurants and bars use this treatment plan. We focus on eliminating problems by using integrated pest management skills and programs. This allows the applicator to use the least amount of product possible to quantify results and safely treat around food prep areas.

Fly-light services are provided to handle any flying insects that might start to call your business home. These are placed in the kitchen areas and also around the dining areas to attract, and catch, flying insects. They are very discreet and are a proven method of control.

Our “every other month” accounts are for businesses that are dealing with a substantial infestation of any kind. Main companies that use this type of control are wineries, breweries, some bars, retail locations, etc. This is an effective way to handle most infestations or general pest control. These services are fully guaranteed, and services calls are free within reason.

60-Day Treatment

The 60-day treatment is reserved for low-traffic environments such as warehouses and office buildings. Quarterly accounts can be used in any business.

A high-risk establishment consists of a present pest problem which needs constant attention to treat and maintain. For example, an office building could be dealing with brown recluse and mice problems. This situation would benefit from an every-month treatment for no less than one year to gain control of the structure. After 12 months, the problem can be reassessed, and may be reduced to maintenance only.

Each account varies in size and services required. Each account is billed out by time on the job and chemical usage. T.Ex.S. can also acquire additional bonding, insurance, or workers’ compensation to supply work on corporate facilities that require extra protection.

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