Bed Bugs

The Problem With Bed Bugs

Bed bug treatment is an intensive process that typically entails removing bed bugs with a specialized heat treatment. This is just one method of extermination, however, and T.Ex.S. Total Extermination Services provides whatever treatment is necessary to kill all bed bugs and ensure their complete removal from your premises. Because they feed on mammalian blood and tend to prefer that of humans, they are a nasty presence that can be difficult to eliminate. We provide our clients  with services unparalleled in thoroughness. No matter what pest issue you may be facing, we will apply the best treatment available to resolve it for you.


Extermination Treatment to Get Rid of the Infestation

A licensed exterminator can assist with the prevention and control of a beg bed infestation. One of the most common treatments is based in a thermal application. This is effective because it reaches all the spots the pests may usually hide, including:

  • Mattresses
  • Headboards
  • Carpets
  • Box springs
  • Bed frames
  • Picture frames

Although the pests only emerge at night, thermal control can be applied to eradicate them. This avoids the spread of chemicals in your home and effectively kills their entire population.


Get Help From The Professionals

Bed bugs are a notoriously persistent source of infestation. If you are dealing with them in your home or business, you may be wondering if there is any way to ever get rid of them. Luckily, T.Ex.S. Total Extermination Services is an expert in getting rid of pests, including bed bugs. We have the resources, expertise and tools to rid your habitat of their invasion. In addition to bed bug treatment, we offer residential pest control to address all the general spider, insect and rodent control needs homeowners may have.

Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Services available – call for details.

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