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About Nathan

T.Ex.S. was founded by Nathan Hammock in 2011. Nathan started in the pest control industry in 2009 working for a prominent St. Louis-based company. After learning the ropes of the industry and thriving in the company, he decided it was time to leave and pursue other opportunities.

Nathan has been focused on creating new and viable ways of doing business that focus on the customer. In a market that is saturated with pest control companies, he knew he had to change the way business was done in order to make a difference. When Nathan founded T.Ex.S., he focused on ways to help individual people have a great career in the industry and on continued customer business growth. Forming this concept, he knew he would have to change the business model of a typical pest control company.

Through building our team one individual at a time, we ensure that not only do our customers feel comfortable with the new technicians, but they get to meet and build a relationship with them before they take over their services. We ensure that our customers feel comfortable with the new technician and that the Technician knows everything about that customer's concerns. We have a lengthy and rigorous process for choosing our associates. Our main determining factors are good character, honesty, work ethic, ambition, friendliness, and personal attitude towards life and others. We make sure that they are not satisfied with the status quo, but aim to exceed your expectations daily. Our customers will never be a number or an account in our company. You are our friend and we are here to help.

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